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First of all, we try to get to know you - as we establish a relationship by practising two-way communications with clients, to gain a deeper understanding of the goals and priorities related to your family, career, lifestyle and finance.

By knowing you and what is most important, we will then strive to provide you with financial advice in order to make a positive impact on your life and the lives of your family.


We communicate with you to find out and meet your ultimate requirements, as well as to sort out Your Life Goals priority in life.
Your dedicated consultant will work with you and formulate your wealth plan based on the information given.
We will take action together on your wealth plan and revise the plan systematically to ensure that it always keeps up with your life changes.

3 Simple Steps to Solve Your Problems

Getting to know you

  • Recognize your ultimate requirements
  • Determine your long-term objectives
  • Sort out your objectives priority
  • Gather and keep your financial information updated

Make Analysis Based on Your Current Situation

  • Assign the right consultant to discuss and analyse your state of affairs
  • Formulate your wealth plan based on the goals and priorities identified earlier

Identifying Challenges & Taking Actions

  • Present the wealth plan designated for you with professional guidance
  • Take action
  • Repeat, revise and refresh systematically

We are at your service. Our dedicated expert team will help you achieve Your Life Goals.

Your family is our priority.We spend time to understand your story so that we can serve you and your family at all times.

We help you to save time and minimize your concern. Our team will handle all your financial affairs to save you all the troubles.


In the future, your Swiss Equity Fund team will be part of a larger picture. We can leverage nearly 200 years of wealth management experience
and abundant global resources to help you achieve all Your Life Goals. Other than that, we can also work
with your existing tax, legal and other advisory teams.


Let’s have a conversation about how our
Swiss Equity Fund
services can help you and your family.