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We provide award-winning wealth management services and are committed to helping families meet various wealth needs, including complex banking and loan, investment, wealth management, philanthropy and trust services.

Wealth does bring unique opportunities and advantages, but it also comes with a lot of complexity, responsibility, and even conflict.

We are committed to helping our clients to take full advantage of the opportunities provided by their wealth. Through a professional and diverse team of experts, we understand, coordinate and advise on the unique wealth needs of our clients.

With Swiss Equity Fund's rich experience and resources, our team will help you take action on priorities in life and provide you with guidance during various transition periods in order to achieve all Your Life Goals and dreams.


We provide comprehensive wealth management services for European individuals and families. No matter what stage you are in your life or whatever requirements, we are here to serve you wholeheartedly.


We strategize wealth policies for individuals and families to achieve their goals.


We reduce the complexity of personal and corporate financial management for business owners and entrepreneurs.


We save time and troubles for busy professionals and executives.


We provides the open-end fund incorporated in Switzerland and worldwide.

Bordier - Swiss Equity Fund

The Fund's objective is to achieve an above the average return in comparison to the fund's benchmark.

Nerrick - Swiss Equity Fund

The Fund's objective is to achieve an attractive long-term risk-adjusted performance and in particular long-term capital growth.

Carrera - Swiss Equity Fund

Full-Member of The Investment Trusts Association, Japan


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